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I have a facebook fan page! yay!!

Click here to join and see pictures, have discussions with other fans, and post pictures of your creations inspired by or made from my recipes!!


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YAY! I found a new recipe to play with!

Suzanne McMinn’s Homemade “cake mix” I found at Chickens in the Road.  The cake mix can be made up on the spot, or weeks in advance and kept in your pantry like a box mix ready to use when you need it by adding the wet ingredients and is great when trying a recipe that calls for a box mix when you

A) don’t have one
B) don’t like all the junk in a mix and want to make yours from scratch!
I have so many plans for you cake mix…sooo many plans…mwahahaha

Yellow cake mix recipe


3 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 cup non-fat dry milk

1 1/4 cups water
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1/2 cup butter, softened
3 eggs

I know exactly what I’ll be using this for…

I’m about to enter into my very first online baking competition.

Bake 350 here I come!

(p.s. Bake 350 has some of the most adorable cookies I have ever,  ever seen!)

I plan on entering into their Flavor of the month competition for august which happens to be “Pucker up! (lime or lemon)”

Bake at 350

I’m so excited….


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Beantown Baker

She’s great. I’m completely in love with her cinnamon roll cupcakes I can’t believe I’ve never seen that before! The recipes are fresh and new (not the same things recycled from blog to blog that you sometimes see), posts include things other than just sweets and treats in case your sweet tooth needs a rest (HA! doubtful),  it’s fun and easy to read, and she has the cutest little pictures with some great colors in both the food and the background!

heelllooooo gorgeous!

my inner glutton wants to grab a spoon and just dig in as is…but I know better than to let it.  😛

I love her harry potter cupcakes… with the adorable little chocolate snitch wings

her awesome dairy free cheesecake…on a stick no less!

I’m also in love with her anti-WW category haha.

I could go on and on but I’ll just give you a link instead.

The blog also just happens to be celebrating it’s 2nd blogiversary and is having a giveaway for some pretty nifty stuff including a cupcake carrier (I have some just like it and love that brand!) and some BRIGHT cupcake liners! love the colors!

But I digress. My point is that you should be reading this blog. Right now.


Go catch up, go on!

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