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Just a few photos of a couple cupcake recipes that Stephanie and I were trying out.

There really aren’t any actual recipes for these as we basically just added different flavorings to some box cupcake mixes.

for the match cupcakes we used some green tea powder from our local asian food market.

for the orange dreamsicle cupcakes we used some orange crush dessert topping. (this stuff is dangerous, I would have squirted it right into my mouth if I were alone) and check it out! they have Cherry Dr. Pepper too!

we also did some strawberry and chocolate malt cupcakes where we simply added fresh strawberry puree and malted milk powder to one and some melted chocolate and malted milk powder to the other.

here are some photos. 🙂


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tomorrow Stephanie and I have a day of culinary adventures planned. so far on the menu are pie on a stick, matcha cupcakes, malted cupcakes and gnome and mushroom goodie gardens…no clue what we’ll actually end up making but I’m sure it will be pretty awesome so stay tuned for the results!

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