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Not too long ago, Burger King had a cupcake milkshake. I’ll admit, I was pretty geeked when I saw this. I envisioned myself melting in flavor bliss just as the milkshake would once it hit my tongue.

my verdict? terrible and disappointing.
verdict of everybody else? amazing.

Why are the reactions so polar?

for starters, it didn’t help that I had a mental yumgasm at just the thought of how fantastic this idea was, but to add to it, my shake was half melted by the time I got to the window and the measly spurt of their “whipped topping” looked nothing like this beauty nor did I have such a pleasant flashback as this reviewer (nor does the humor and quality of my review compare to theirs. hah)

As I said, my shake was half melted and the mystery substance they called whip cream did nothing to enhance the illusion of eating a cupcake but did everything to make me want to wash the slightly nauseating film that coated the inside of my mouth, and that straw thing they give you? well with one slurp, it lets in enough cupcakes shake to asphyxiate you. I did like the sprinkles though.

I left with hope that I just had a bad batch and that I’d be able to remedy it soon, but by the time I had gotten over it, they no longer carried the shake. 😦

Anybody else have a similar, or contrasting, experience?


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